Forgot your home keys at the office and went through a lot of hustle to get inside? Had double thoughts whether you properly locked the home door and was stressed the entire vacation? Had to come all the way home to open up the apartment door for a friend? We all have been through one of these situations at least once in our life time. The struggle is just too real when keys gets lost or having to give it physically to someone; especially when you have so much work to be done in a day and key drama makes things worse!

These key struggles can finally come to an end because computing doubles up within every 18 months and the technology trends hit massively at individual, group and organizational level with tons of innovative devices and systems to make or day to day life run smoothly. We all know the trouble we have to go through for using a regular key for our house but by using a smart digital lock, we can ease up our work in ten multiple rounds. Let’s get know how this system works and what benefits it gives us.

1) Mobile Application

At the time of choosing the type of device you need, you must ensure that it works on the smartphone model you have. Then the manufacturer will have an application installed on your phone which enables you to virtually lock and unlock your home door. It makes things easier as you can use your smartphone even to know who visited or left your house and the times as well. Even if you change your phone, installing the app on a new device would still be easier and faster.

2) Emergency Key

You don’t want to have your smartphone battery dying and have you locked out of home for hours until the mobile gets back to life. At times when unlocking the door through your mobile is not an option; the well known smart digital lock comes along with a remote key which is pretty much a good back up tool.

3) Notifications

This function helps you to know who came or left from your house at real time basis through mails and text messages. It also sends photos of who is at your doorstep or ringing the bell which is a complete plus.

4) Remote Access

As I said before, there can be multiple times you walked away in a rush to your office or a party and ended up in doubts whether you locked the door and with this system, you can say goodbye to your worries as you can verify if the home door is locked or not wherever you are.

These systems are embedded into your smartphones for better usage and what’s the point of having a smartphone, if you are not making use of it the right way. People keep talking on the bad side of technology but I could say, it’s like a knife; in the hands of a chef, it’s a cooking tool and in the hands of a criminal, it’s a weapon. Thus, how you make use of the technology that’s around you can bring you either pluses or minuses. No key, no problem is not a fact but a statement, get your hands on the next new home security device.