You might be moving out of your home to a university soon. You might be concerned about what you might be getting from the dorm room. You might get a bed, desk, light and small closet space. Things might not be perfect and you will have to clean the room and bathroom out too. Here are some cleaning supplies for you to consider:
Disinfectant wipes
You might like to use a spray bottle in order to disinfect the area. It is best if can use wipes to clean the place and prevent any germs from spreading as well. Most students will forget how important it is to have a set of wipes in a student accommodation too. Buy some before you leave off to college!
A mop like sweeping device
If you have a long handled mop it will be a lot easier for you to clean out the dorm space too. Saving space is very vital especially if you are living in a small area. You can store these mops quickly and you can change the pads when they become dirty. It is multifunctional and can be used to clean the lamps, shelves and other surfaces too.

Paper Towels are great
You can use paper towels in order to tackle any spillage too. You can keep a roll or two around which will make it easy for you clean up any spilled coke, wine or beer. You can also wipe any dirt or debris which accumulates on the floor. If you do end up eating any gravy or curry you can easily scoop it up in a damp towel too!
A small vacuum
Some large vacuums can be too bulky too. It can take a lot of space so it is best if you can buy something which is small. You will be able to move it around and take it from one place to another. This is will be easy for you to carry from one student accommodations Singapore to another.
Detergent or Dish soap
You can use dish soap which will last an entire year. You can use some on wash cups, bowls or even plates too. Some detergents can be expensive so choose something which you can purchase time and time again. You must make sure that the solvents you buy are not toxic for your health too.
Keep in mind to check on the dorm cleaning supplies list you will need. You must also ask some family members to help you pick out the items you will need before you do head out to college.