A bright face and a sparkling smile are what the whole world is running after nowadays. Yellowish teeth spoil the whole appearance of the face so it is absolutely necessary to keep the teeth white. Various teeth whitening methods are available that make our teeth brighter and whiter.
Methods to whiten your teeth

A wide range of products and teeth whitening services is available both over-the-counter and from professional dentists which can aid in getting rid of the yellowish teeth and stains. These include:

• Toothpaste for whitening

• Trays

• Strips

• Bleaching

Is it better to consult a dentist?

Over-the-counter products may seem cheaper and available without the hassle of visiting a dentist, but these may not be as effective as the professional service. This is primarily because most of these products lack the permissible amount of bleaching agent that should be present in it. Therefore, even though various companies offer toothpaste for teeth whitening services the results are far from satisfaction. Some of these whitening agents may even burn your lips and gums. Availing professional services from experienced dentists is the best and most reliable way because the procedure is monitored. In-office whitening gives faster results and the procedure takes hardly an hour or so.

The process followed by the professionals

First of all, a gel is applied for protecting the soft gum cells. Then a light-activated gel is put on your teeth which help in scattering the laser on the bleaching gel to promote its action for instant brighter and whiter teeth. But, the in-office whitening option is costly than other alternatives which are the reason why many people opt for home remedies or over-the-counter techniques. But before going through the whitening procedure, one has to make the gum and teeth bacteria free for the process to be more effective. Then custom trays are offered by professionals for home application thereafter and this whitening may last for years. A whitening tray is often given to the patients for home application. You have to wear the customized tray on the teeth and apply the bleaching agent on the tray for 30-60 minutes for at least twice a day.

Maintaining white and healthy teeth

Once the treatment is over, it is essential to take greater care of the teeth so that they remain white and sparkling. It is essential to know some of the reasons why stains occur so that they can be prevented in future. Some of the common reasons include:

• Smoking.

• Drinking tea, coffee, or red wine.

• Not maintaining regular oral care.

• Intake of appreciable amount of tetracycline antibiotics.

Care should be taken to avoid these substances for sometime after teeth whitening. Proper oral care can make the treatment last for years.