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Harmful Recruitment Mistakes That All HR Teams Need To Avoid

There are only a few decisions that can impact a business apart from picking the correct personnel to work for you. While most will think that the process is a complete cake walk, many entrepreneurs and their HR teams commit mistakes that end up costing them a lot of money, time and energy than they initially bargained for. This is exactly why every HR team needs to consult with their superiors and come up with a recruitment strategy that will really work well to fill up any vacant designations. Here are some very common harmful recruitment mistakes that any HR team needs to avoid and how you can possibly avoid them.

Rushing through the recruitment procedure

When a designation becomes vacant, the first impulse that any entrepreneur or HR team will have is to start the recruitment right away. The biggest thought is that the business must function as normal and nothing should come in the way of its operations. However, you also need to know that is you are taking people in through an employment app, you do not really know much about them apart from what has been mentioned on the profile. Therefore, you run the risk of getting in people who do not have the correct skills, getting somebody with an off-putting personality that will hinder the function of a well-functioning unit and getting in somebody who shows a very poor work ethic. 

Going with your gut only

It’s always good to rely on the vibe that you get from a resume or a person that you interview through a hiring platform for employers in Singapore. You may also be somebody who has relied on your gut instinct to become successful in your career. As an HR executive, you are highly intuitive and a few minutes of conversation with an individual can tell you how good or bad they will be at their job. If you actually follow this gut instinct recruitment method, you are headed for disaster because candidates these days are very finely attuned to be confident and answer all your questions in a smart manner. They will be very agreeable to you in person but that does not mean that they have the necessary skills to perform well at their duties.

Waiting for the “perfect” person to come in

There is always the possibility that there is, somewhere the candidate who would be the ideal choice for the position that you are looking to fill. The ideal person would have just the right amount of experience, qualifications and skills along with a great attitude and will be willing to start work immediately at the remuneration given by your company.  So then what is wrong with this expectation? This ideal candidate does not even exist. Nobody is that perfect. If you keep on holding out until the best possible perfect person has magically appeared, you will lose out on so many great candidates that could possibly do a better job.

Mistakes To Avoid When Planning Your Wedding

Making mistakes is an inevitable process/situation, especially while planning your own nuptials. There are bound to be a few ups and downs, but these are some of the major mistakes which most brides make and how you can avoid making the same.

Lack of planning

You might have a hundred ideas in your head about how to want your nuptials to turn out. But if you don’t think it through and put your ideas into action you are bound to be stressed later on. Start researching and asking around for the most reliable and reputed florists, cake decorator, wedding photographer, caterer, dress designer and beautician around town and choose the one that suits your style and budget best. Create a plan which includes the entire nuptials planning process so that you don’t end up forgetting the important aspects of your nuptials.

Choose the right bridesmaids

Several brides experience this dilemma where they are compelled to choose some of their friends as bridesmaids even though they secretly don’t want them to be a part of the squad. Don’t make the mistake of asking your snobby friend who has a habit of passing mean comments without a second thought. It’s your big day and you don’t need that kind of negativity surrounding you at all times. Break it to her politely that she will not be a part of the bridesmaids and ensure that you don’t hurt her feelings while doing so.


It is obvious that you would be quite excited as your nuptials approaches, especially if you have been dreaming about this day since childhood. However, don’t make the mistake of spending excessive amounts of money just because you want everything to look perfect. This is an important day of your life, but that does not require you to set a massive budget and acquire a debt that you will be re-paying for the first few years of your marriage. If the wedding photo booth or extravagant 5 tier cake does not fit your budget, don’t go for it! Look for cheaper alternatives that are similar to the ideas that you wanted.

Having too much on your plate

Although trying to cut the costs is a good idea, this does not mean you have to stress yourself out by taking on all the responsibilities. If hiring a nuptials planner appears to be too costly, get a few friends and family members on board and assign different tasks for each one to handle. Don’t try doing DIY décors all by yourself in an attempt to save a few pennies. Instead you could try looking for vendors that are good at their job but not quite popular yet. This way you get your money’s worth and the perfect nuptials that you always dreamed of.

Regardless of how much you try to make everything perfect, there are bound to be a few glitches here and there. So stop stressing and remember to enjoy your nuptials so that you only have good memories to cherish!

Host A Stunning Function For Your Unborn?

Hosting a baby shower function is something that has no comparison. Women would feel complete and good about themselves when they are soon to become mothers. Hosting a function for welcoming the new little member of your family is the most exciting and the happiest moment. All such people that are about to host a baby shower function is quite excited to host the function. They would like to host the function in a grand manner. For hosting a function in a stunning manner, you should think about decorating your function. Decoration is something that has the capacity to make your party as like you want. The type of decoration you choose will create a great impact on the look of your party. There are people that would like to go with traditional decoration and there are people that would be fond of decorating in a modest way. It does not matter what kind of decoration you go with, but make sure to embellish your baby shower function in an exceptional way. You should buy the decorating items without fail. Do not think that, you have to spend a lot more money for buying the decorative items; it is definitely not like that. You can buy decorative items from the online stores that offer discounts and save some money.

How to make decorations for the function?

  • Everyone would like to decorate their baby shower function in a better manner. You can use fairy lights to decorate your baby shower function. Lights are the best and simple way to decorate your baby shower event in an attractive manner.
  • You can reckon decorating the baby shower event with a basket of flower and keep it in the center of the function hall. This kind of decoration would make the entire party hall pleasing and inviting. It would be even better if you float the flowers in a bowl of water and keep it in the center of the hall.
  • You can decorate your party hall with any theme rather doing the decorations in a random fashion. Yes, there are online stores that sell items according to various party themes. With no hesitations, you can choose the party theme and buy the items from the online stores that match your party theme.
  • Always stick with the minimum. Do not think that, the more decors will create a better look. At times, heavy decorations will make your hall look clumsy and complete.

You should follow all these points to make your baby shower decorations in Singapore in a superb way.

Essential Things To Keep In Your Car

In this day and age, the majority of the population in developing countries own vehicles and sometimes regardless of the price of your car, they can be unpredictable and decide to break down, get a flat tire or meet with an accident. In times like these, it is important to have on hand a few items that should be constantly kept within the bounds of your car as these items each has a very good purpose that they will serve in times of need.

If you’re someone who drives a car and you do not have the items listed below in your car, it is high time for you to stack these items into your car as they are absolutely essential.

Important documents

Regardless of whether you are driving fast, on a long journey or driving extremely slow, incidents such as accidents are unpredictable and dangerous to both the human behind the wheel and the car. If you have ever come out of such a situation without a scratch, the thing you immediately run to is your vehicle to check on the damages caused to the vehicle and in instances as such, having you’re the details of the insurance company is very important. Car insurance might be a little costly but is important to get your hands on the best car insurance as it will go a long way in protecting any damages to your car.

However, a little bit of research will definitely help you get a excellent car insurance quote in Singapore.

Food and water

Life can be unpredictable at times and there may come times when you are stranded in a isolated location or you need a quick fix of food before you attend an important business meeting. For times like these, it is important to have a few items of food and a few bottles of water to help you in your situation. When storing food, be sure to store items such as protein bars and nutritious items so that if you are ever stranded, you will be able to live off of your bars and snacks.

First aid kit

First aid kits are essential items that everybody should store in easily accessible spaces because you are truly never prepared for an accident that might happen. For an example, if you meet with a small accident or you see somebody on the road who has met into an accident, you will be able to use your resources to tend to their wounds and damages to the body.

Getting Ready For Your First Major Exam

If you are a student you might be constantly taking tests. This usually means that you might be eventually getting prepared for test which might freak you out every now and then. Tests are a piece of cake if you are well prepared and if you aren’t prepared it could be considered as trouble. Therefore, this article will act as a small guide which will help you prepare for your first major exam. Firstly, you need to make start preparing yourself. This al starts with a plan. Being pre-prepared is a good thing because you wouldn’t have to procrastinate during the last minute. Furthermore, it’s important to make sure that a plan is drawn up. This way you could make sure that everything is followed from A to Z. If you have an exam which is 3 months away, you could start off by drawing up a study plan. This would help you prepare yourself extensively.

If you feel that help is necessary, you could make it a point to look into ib tuition. Getting the help from a tutor might help you figure out things which you have already missed out on. For instance, if you weren’t able to answer a few questions because you barely knew them, you could simply make it a point to ask your tutor. Having an effective private teacher would make it easier for you to clearly out your doubts. This way you wouldn’t be stuck with the same problem and this could be a great thing when it comes to preparation. It’s important to know everything in and out. Some people might feel that a particular lesson isn’t as important as the other lessons. This might lead to a moment where they skip that particular lesson. Once the exam approaches, they might find out that the lesson which was skipped ended up being in the paper. Therefore, it’s important to know everything in and out. Failing to know them in and out might affect you to a great extent.

Furthermore, having an ib tutor in Singapore to aid you could be something which you seriously look into. When the exam is closing in, you could go easy on your studies. This time around, you could have some fun and enjoy because you prepared yourself extensively before that. You could watch a few movies to relax yourself so that you’d be able to avoid the stress which is coming your way.

The day before the exam, you could simply go through the short notes just to make sure that you remember everything. You could also do some last minute revision just to be sure about everything.

The Reasons Why Baking Will Help Your Mental Health

Cooking and baking are great ways of feeling good about yourself and what you are doing. One reason is that it produces great dishes that everyone you love can sit and enjoy.  According to recent research baking has been found to have therapeutic properties which will helps alleviate mental afflictions such as anxiety disorder and depression. Mental health issues are more common than meets the naked eye. At least one in four people will battle a mental health issue at any point in their life. Therefore, we can safely assume that baking is a great way to help you without the chemicals. However, maybe stick to the healthy versions so that you do not take in too much sugar.

Baking is part cuisine part meditation

Have you felt that soothing feeling that envelopes you as you weight the exact amounts of flour, butter and sugar, then count the eggs one by one and continue to beat your cake mixture into the perfect creamy smooth batter? It fills quite fulfilling doesn’t it? Research says that the repetitive processes of whisking, beating, mixing and folding have the ability of drawing your conscious away from negativity by creating a sort of vacuum in your mind. Great isn’t it?

Baking helps to positively stimulate your senses

Everything about baking is a sensory positive. Who has not run their fingers through the fine flour and felt content? Who has not listened to the monotonous sound of the blender and found uniformity in it? And especially, who does not like the smell and taste of that perfect final product? From cookies to pineapple tarts in Singapore to crumbles and desserts, baking is appealing. It feels good, it smells good and it tastes good. It has been studied that baking helps to release endorphins in the human body.

It is an act of selflessness

Often we choose to cook for those we love. Why? Because it is one of the most intimate ways in which you can show them just how special they are to you. You would not be cooking for every other person on the street right? This act of feeding and nourishing others is in itself healing. If you put in a lot of effort into carefully picking healthy ingredients, matching them and creating something unique out of everyday recipes, this effect increases even more. Sometimes the only way to heal a hurt mind is to heal somebody else first.

Baking helps you unlock hidden creativity

Once you put in so much effort to get the batter right, you would not want to just send it out looking plain would you? Instead, you would get creative. You will try news flavours, different colours, textures and shapes. You will add personal touches of your own and even come up with your own recipes. Psychology has proven that the perfectionism required to successfully bake helps unlock hidden creativity. This will automatically make you feel good about yourself.

Most Common Reasons For Divorce

Separating from the one, you vowed to spend your life with, is something any of us would never want to do, unless we could avoid it. However, divorce rates have skyrocketed during the past few years, for couples are always finding a reason to be separated. Different studies have concluded different figures but most studies agree that the divorce rate is around the 50% mark. In 2016 it was identified that Maldives, followed by Russia and Aruba had the highest divorce rates. (The Telegraph, 2016) Listed below are some of the most common reasons for divorce.


Communication is key for every relationship. It is imperative that the two people who have chosen each other to spend the rest of their lives with, are able to talk about anything and everything. Each person should try to meet the needs of the other by communicating your needs to them. Most of the time divorce happens when both parties are unable to make the other happy because their needs are not communicated properly.


Cheating on your partner and having extra marital affairs is never a good thing. Infidelity is one of the main reasons that leads to divorce in the long run. Being angry and resentful, and not getting enough attention from each other’s partners are the prime reasons for emotional and physical training. It is said that it starts off as an emotional affair and that it leads to a physical affair towards the latter part. Most people find it difficult to prove their significant other is being unfaithful to them, and in turn fails to file for divorce. Hiring a experienced divorce lawyer in Singapore would certainly fasten the process.

Lack of Equality

When one person has to take more responsibility in a relationship or a marriage, then they feel the weight on their shoulders more. If a couple is unable to strike that balance where both take care of different things then it is highly like that they will have problems. Respecting each other’s wishes and supporting each other’s causes are highly important in a relationship. A good divorce lawyer would ask the pair to rethink about the decision they made before proceeding with the formalities.


Physical and mental abuse is a huge problem. A couple can’t survive in an abusive relationship where both are unable to speak about their issues but in the end, they both end up beating each other up. It is important to communicate to the right parties when there is abuse in a relationship and get out of it as soon as possible. This too, is one of the main reasons for separation.

Given are the most common reasons for divorce which are found in this day and age.