There are only a few decisions that can impact a business apart from picking the correct personnel to work for you. While most will think that the process is a complete cake walk, many entrepreneurs and their HR teams commit mistakes that end up costing them a lot of money, time and energy than they initially bargained for. This is exactly why every HR team needs to consult with their superiors and come up with a recruitment strategy that will really work well to fill up any vacant designations. Here are some very common harmful recruitment mistakes that any HR team needs to avoid and how you can possibly avoid them.

Rushing through the recruitment procedure

When a designation becomes vacant, the first impulse that any entrepreneur or HR team will have is to start the recruitment right away. The biggest thought is that the business must function as normal and nothing should come in the way of its operations. However, you also need to know that is you are taking people in through an employment app, you do not really know much about them apart from what has been mentioned on the profile. Therefore, you run the risk of getting in people who do not have the correct skills, getting somebody with an off-putting personality that will hinder the function of a well-functioning unit and getting in somebody who shows a very poor work ethic. 

Going with your gut only

It’s always good to rely on the vibe that you get from a resume or a person that you interview through a hiring platform for employers in Singapore. You may also be somebody who has relied on your gut instinct to become successful in your career. As an HR executive, you are highly intuitive and a few minutes of conversation with an individual can tell you how good or bad they will be at their job. If you actually follow this gut instinct recruitment method, you are headed for disaster because candidates these days are very finely attuned to be confident and answer all your questions in a smart manner. They will be very agreeable to you in person but that does not mean that they have the necessary skills to perform well at their duties.

Waiting for the “perfect” person to come in

There is always the possibility that there is, somewhere the candidate who would be the ideal choice for the position that you are looking to fill. The ideal person would have just the right amount of experience, qualifications and skills along with a great attitude and will be willing to start work immediately at the remuneration given by your company.  So then what is wrong with this expectation? This ideal candidate does not even exist. Nobody is that perfect. If you keep on holding out until the best possible perfect person has magically appeared, you will lose out on so many great candidates that could possibly do a better job.