Most modern home owners are struggling to accommodate their possessions in a small apartment or home. Most people in cities have to make do with a compact space and they have to depend on inbuilt wardrobes and cabinets to store different items out of sight. However, there are ways to have decorative items in your rooms which will help you to store different things out of sight and provide a unique décor appeal to your rooms at the same time.

Decorative boxes

There can be innovatively designed ottoman furniture items and trunks that can not only hold your heavy upholstery, cushions and blankets, but act as wonderful seating furniture in the living room. What is more, these boxes can come in different forms and materials as well as designs as well. Decorative boxes act as stools or could be used for storing fashion jewelry items on your dressing table. You could even add on these boxes to store fashion accessories inside a unique sliding door wardrobe.

Decorative baskets

There are decorative baskets that come of bamboo or straw and have attractive designs and finishes that add a unique appeal. You could use baskets and basket like trays in random places, including the dining table to store fruits, as a tray on a table next to the door to keep the chains and keys and so forth. These baskets are great for simply placing small items in an organized manner. These can be great for sliding door wardrobe as well where one can keep small jewelry items.

Innovative shelves

There are innovative hanging shelves on walls that can be easily purchased and put up these days. They present the perfect solution when the floor space is limited. The shelves can be used for stacking books, keeping toiletries in the bathroom, keeping decorative items and so forth. These shelves are easy to assemble and can even be distributed in different ways to suit the varying requirements of home owners. The shelves are best when you need to free up floor space and reduce clutter.

Other solutions

There are different kinds of storage and décor solutions which one can purchase from lifestyle stores. These are easily ordered online as well. There are cabinets that can be ordered for placing in corners and by the beds or in living rooms to accommodate entertainment systems. These cabinets made of wood add a glamor and style appeal to any room. It is best that one looks for storage solutions which can act as décor items as well when the inbuilt wall cabinets fail to hold everything in. Many online lifestyle stores offer myriads of choices in multifunctional storage items for modern homes.