Many people are often looking for ways to reinvent the look of their living room. After all, this is the space that is used most often and most home owners get bored with the look and wish to create a different look and feel it revive the existing space. The retro theme is a good one to opt for and it is easy to create this kind of a look without having to make substantial changes. All one needs are some old school ideas for furniture and decorative pieces to create the look.

Timelines to consider

When one is looking at retro influences they could be looking at the decades spanning fifties to the seventies or even the eighties. It is necessary to first decide on a timeline that one wishes to be inspired from so that the right kind of pieces and accessories could be picked up. If you refer to an expert in condo interior design in Singapore, he or she can offer advice on where one can pick up the relevant pieces to create a retro influence on their living room layout. The furniture pieces and accessories like rugs and accent pieces need to be of the specific timeline that one wishes to display in their living room.

Opting for wall murals

A retro theme for a living room could comprise of wall murals that are created with the use of bright colors and geometric patterns. Neutral color could be used on the other walls while the mural acts as an accent wall on one end. For more ideas on creating an accent wall to create a retro feel one could refer to an expert on condo interior design.

Get art pieces

For one to create a retro theme on a budget, it would be easy to pick up subjects, popular persona and art that represent a certain era and get them framed. Many antique art forms are found at garage sales and could also be printed out and framed at a cheap cost. Having art of a certain era is a great way of defining a retro theme in your living room.

Floor and furniture pieces

Old and restored furniture pieces gathered from garage sales could act as great accent pieces in your living room. Hardwood styled cabinets and furniture that are actually made of fabricated wood would be cheaper options to create a retro look without having to spend on expensive, real hardwood furniture. Shag carpets can be used on the floor or rugs that have geometric patterns which can add a retro look and feel. See this page for more ideas that will fit your style and budget, referring to an expert would be beneficial.