Through art we can express feelings and ideas like none other. Be it through music, photos or painting, art has an all ubiquitous presence in our lives. Our homes can be a platform where art can manifest itself, touching our everyday lives. We can decorate our homes expressing various art forms, and our house walls can be the ideal palette to a gamut of sketches, colors, paintings and decorations. Our usual blank walls can be transformed into an array of random colors or themed paintings, making it look out-of-the-box.

Most modern house owners have got some really innovative house design fantasies, some of which can be done in a very ingenious and inexpensive way, while others required professional expertise. Wall paintings are such an aspect of home decoration that usually undergoes a lot of thought process and finds its way through contradictory preferences. Over the years wall paintings have evolved itself from just the simple color to expressing a wide range of expressions. Be it posters, house wall sticker or small furniture, people have harnessed their walls not just to personify beauty but to leverage every bit of space they have for their purpose.

One really marvelous idea that struck me was having a chandelier, which in darkness, forms patterns of light that resembles various shapes like diamonds, flowers or an entire forest, and fills up the entire wall with lights and shadows. This can really make your evenings and nights a lot of fun. Decorative house wall sticker is put up too, covering the entire wall, with ornamental designs like flowers, trees, themed messages, symmetrical patterns, or photos that are very close to one’s heart.

Wall paintings too, have developed to come up with innovative ideas like having textures of flowers and other patterns, painted using stuff like brooms and rollers that etch these colorful designs on the wall. If you have got kids at your home who love to take up the paintbrush, you can have paintings on your wall done by them, or a small graffiti section in your room.

Tapes having a wide range of symbols like stars, butterflies and flowers can be stuck encompassing the entire wall, each of them equally through out the length and breadth. You can also have sticky notes containing lovely messages put up in your wall, covering part of the area.

Photographs of your family memories like that of childhood or a long holiday can be collaged and framed on the wall, reminding us of all the happy moments over the years. Customized wallpapers too are available easily everywhere with attractive designs that people put up in their walls.

With a plethora of designs available to beautify your wall, do not wait till Christmas or the New Year to have them decorate your house. With many of them can be a do-it-yourself activity, with relatively less expense, you can have them today itself!