Your twenty first birthday is your keystone to your adult life and it is appropriate that you celebrate the day in style. First you will want to set the date of your party. Ideally, this date would be your birthday itself, but if your birthday falls on a working night, have your party on the closest Friday or Saturday. Organising your twenty first birthday party can be a lot of work as at this point in your life, you will have a lot of friends which translates into a very long guest list. However, you will need to set a guest target and invite those closes to you. Choose a theme for your party, your theme maybe anything from a colour to your favourite movie. For this example we will be choosing a frozen themed party. The word “frozen” will no doubt remind you of kids birthday parties, Elsa, Ana and a snowman named Olaf, however, the frozen theme we will discuss in this article cannot be further from the kids Disney movie.

Location, Catering and Decor

You may host your birthday at your own home if it is big enough or you could select another location close to your home. Speak to restaurants and reception halls in the area that may be willing to rent out a big room to you for the night.

It is important to remember that your friends are not coming to your party to eat, they are coming to dance and have fun. However, it is vital to have an endless supply of drinks as your friends will likely be tired from dancing. Select a lot of nonalcoholic drinks for your friends to quench their thirst. In terms of alcoholic drinks,you do not want to throw an irresponsible party with heavy drinking thus you may choose to buy wines, champagnes and beers instead of hard liquor. You may have a very limited quantity of hard liquor for any of your older relatives who maybe present but keep it to a minimum.

More often than not, food at adult parties tends to go to waste so it is advisable not to go overboard with the catering. Choose to serve finger food instead of a grand buffet. Select a list of about 10 varieties of favourite finger food and have your caterer customise them to suit your theme as much as possible. While this is not essential, it will add a cute touch to your theme. When you buy wines, champagnes and beers, do not opt for very high end brands as this is unnecessary. Instead choose middle level brands that will provide quality and not have a toll on your wallet.

For your deco choose anything related with snow and ice. Do not make your decorations childish; instead choose glass, snowflakes and broken pieces of mirror that you can hang from your ceiling. Purchase some dead leafless branches of trees, paint them pure white and sprinkle silver glitter on them. This will create the effect of beautiful snowy winter trees that you can place in corners of your room. Hang hundreds of your broken pieces of mirror from the branches of the trees together with handmade snowflakes. Additionally you could use some of the trees to create a beautiful winter backdrop that you and your friends can use to take some great pictures.