If you are someone who enjoys making your own jewelry, and now want to use your craft to make money, then here are a few tips and suggestions for you…

  • Perfect at least one style of jewelry making – if you started jewelry making as a hobby, then chances are that you moved from to style (of jewelry making), without properly perfecting any of the styles, or the techniques. As you plan to turn your hobby into a profession, you’ll need to make sure the quality of your style and technique of jewelry making is worth selling. Practice makes perfect!
  • Find yourself a good place to buy quality materials – unlike when you make jewelry for pleasure, or for your own personal collection, when making it professionally, you’ll have to think of mass producing. You will have to have access to a large quantity of quality materials to ensure your jewelry turns out “sell worthy”.
  • If working alone, perfect a few techniques of jewelry photography – knowing how to make your jewelry alone is not going to give you fancy sales. If you plan on selling online especially, or if you want to have a social media account for your shop, then it’s important that you have quality pictures of your jewelry. If you are not working with a team that includes a jewelry photographer, you will need to work on your photographic skills as well.
  • Keep a few designs to show to clients in hand – if you plan on opening a physical store or boutique, and if you plan on “making on order”, it’s important that you have a catalog of your (past) designs, as well as a few “sample” pieces for those picky clients. This is particularly important if you are trying to make an exclusive “designer” collection. Look into your local catalogues printing services to make your own catalog.
  • Use social media to create a hype about your jewelry, as well as increase your client base – apart from book printing in Singapore services, you can also make use of your internet services. Social media is great for more than simply staying in touch with your friends and family. It’s a great way of advertising your business, as well as making your existing client base bigger. Social media platforms are also great to get genuine feed back from your clients/customers. If you want to start your business small, and have limited resources and funds, these platforms also make good temporary shops.
  • Gain a little by giving a little – are you good at demonstrating how you make your jewelry? If you are, then consider uploading a few “how to” videos to attract the attention of those who appreciate your craft online. Of course, you don’t disclose all the tricks of the trade…but a significant part of it. Among those who watch your videos will be those who don’t have the time and patience for making jewelry, people who can’t find the materials you use, and those who cannot grasp the technique; no matter what. These people will generally reach out to you, asking if you sell your creations…