The very first step is to familiarize yourself with rules and regulations of the game. But regardless of the knowledge it can offer you, statistics, strategies and the system will do very little to increase your chance of winning. If there is anything that will help, it is your luck. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot do anything about it. You can follow certain tactics that will definitely increase your chances. Listed below are some of them.

Keep an Eye on the Card Decks

Did you know that the house edge is in direct proportion to the amount of decks that are placed in the shoe? Even though each casino and baccarat game is different from each other, this rule applies to all of them. Some baccarat games are played with one deck which makes it difficult to apply this theory. But as some professional gamblers agree ‘the fewer the decks are, the better the game is’.

Practice in Free Online Platforms

Since the pace of baccarat is considerably fast, it is wiser to get yourself accustomed to the game before you bet with real money. A great way to practice is to play online live baccarat. This is free opportunity not only enables you to rehearse without losing money, but also ensures that you become familiar with all the rules of the game.

Stop Your Note-Taking Habits

This habit is not only prevalent in real casinos, but it has also been found that people who play online live baccarat are used to it too. Never write down every single result. First of all, you will not be able to figure out the pattern no matter how good your statistical skills are. You must remember that baccarat is a game of chance not of mathematics. Also, noting everything down can distract you from the game and reduce the fun of the whole experience.

Bet on the Banker

Most casinos apply a 5% commission to all bets that are placed on the banker. Do not let this intimidate or scare you from placing your bet. The banker bet is the most unattractive and the one with the house edge when compared to other bets in the game. Also, since the winnings and risks are relatively low, much people do not bet on the banker. So, come out of the comfort zone and think out of the box and bet on the banker if you wish to make yourself a pro.

Never confuse baccarat pro to a baccarat addict. A pro will not only win at most circumstances, but will also make the game look simple and easy no matter how hard he/she may find it.